An effective natural insulation material in floors, walls and roofs for both the do-it-yourselfer as the professional

Our hemplime mix has an insulating effect and creates a transpirable, humidity regulating ‘membrane’ around your house, creating a pleasant indoor climate and a healthy home for you and your family.
Both for your health and ecological considerations it is best to avoid the use of synthetic insulation materials, which are actually no solution for the humidity problems that old houses are affected by.
We deliver both a wet mix (HIAB-MIX) as dry hemplime (CANADRY). Our mix arrives ready-made on the construction site which guarantees savings in time and labor (costs).

Our hemplime mix has an insulating effect and creates a transpirable, humidity regulating ‘membrane’ around your house 


Quickly and efficiently insulating walls, floors and roofs.

Wall insulation

HIAB-MIX WALL is ideal to transform an already existing wall into a good, stable wall. And what’s more, it makes an old, damp house healthy again. The hemplime optimizes the humidity balance and the indoor air of your building. The insulation material can be placed both on the inside as the outside of the wall. The wall can be completed with a wide range of  transpirable finishing materials.

Insulating the walls can be done with either HIAB-MIX WALL ar with CANADRY , a dry version that makes indoor insulation even easier.

Roof insulation

A well-insulated roof is essential for a pleasant house. In good weather, the sun shines ruthlessly on the roof and in cold weather the heat escapes through the roof. Existing roofs can quickly and easily be insulated with our HIAB-MIX ROOF. The heat regulation of hemplime guarantees a stable indoor climate. After placing a layer of the mix, the roof tiles or the slates are re-installed or in case of a flat roof, finished with EPDM.

Floor insulation

Floor insulation: Our HIAB-MIX FLOOR  is specifically designed for floors. This mix hardens faster, allowing you to walk on the floor more quickly in order to continue the construction work. Underfloor heating is also perfectly possible in combination with our hemplime floor mix. After placing a screed, you can install a wide range of floor coverings
(cork, hardwood, tiles, carpet,…)

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