Our know-how, creativity and flexibility are the basis which allow us to realize your construction project, together as a team.

Some info about us

Hemp in a box was born from the farm of the owner, Mathieu Hendrickx. Besides our construction products, we also produce certified bales of straw and we cultivate approximately 30 hectares of cannabis Sativa every year. As a result we maintain a strong affinity with our basic product.

Taste invest NV co-finances Hemp in a box. Taste Invest is an investment company that invests in start-ups and small and medium sized organizations with the intention to generate social and environmental impacts.

We are convinced that we have to deal with nature and our environment in a better and more economical way and we still see much room for improvement in the construction sector, where the terms durable and ecological are (mis)used time and again.  At the same time, we are aware that in order to launch durable and ecological building methods to a large audience, these methods not only have to be durable and ecological, but also have to comply with other features such as ease to work with, efficiency, comfort and aesthetics.

Thanks to our constant research and development, Hemp in a box is capable of offering an efficient and economically justified alternative to the traditional construction methods, by using natural products and in a durable way. 

We offer an effective, ecological and economically justified alternative to the traditional construction methods.

What is hemplime ?

Hemp shives

The hemp shives are the straw of the hemp plant. The grower of the hemp plants, which is our supplier of our hemp shives, only uses natural products in the production process and he has obtained the “BIO”-label of Quality partners.


Hydrate lime

Our lime is extracted from one of the purest limestone species in Europe. As a result, our hydrate lime is produced in the most ecological way on a 'relatively' low temperature. The hydrate lime recovers an important part of the CO2 by absorbing this CO2 during the hardening and therfore contributes to an efficient moisture migration and high inertia.



The minerals that we add ensure a better drying and minimize the lime quantity, which highlights the qualities of the hemp (thermal insulation, humidity regulation).
We guarantee an ecological production of our minerals which are simply purified and not burned and which don’t contain any cement components.



A lot of water is needed for the production of hemplime.  To do so, we use the most natural water supply, namely rain water. This water is regularly tested for impurities. Our storage tanks guarantee that we can easily overcome a dry summer. 



Measurement brings knowledge! Our products were subject to numerous tests.

Heat conductivity by WTCB:

The insulation value of the HIABmix was set by the WTCB at 0,067 W/mK

Life Cycle Analysis by VITO

Our products were subject to an LCA study. The Hemp in a box products have a minimal impact on the environment and are recyclable.

Fire resistance by Warrington Fire

The hardened hemplime is virtually non-combustible. Our walls have achieved the RE, REI, REW 60 classification.

Correlation indoor and outdoor climate by VITO

Our products provide a continuous indoor climate even at high temperature and in case of humidity fluctuations.

Emission test by VITO

Our products were tested and show no emission of toxic substances.

The insulation value of the HIABmix was set by the WTCB at 0,067 W/mK

Subsidies en premies

Het isoleren van uw woning levert de belangrijkste bijdrage aan het behalen van de opgelegde milieunormen. De overheid wil de eigenaars van woningen dan ook aanmoedigen om woningen zo goed mogelijk te isoleren. Afhankelijk waar u woont in België zijn er verschillende subsidies en premies mogelijk voor renoveren en isoleren. Via onderstaande links kan u de meest recente maatregelen vinden: