Hemplime is an efficient insulation material made from 100% natural resources.

Hemp in a box introduces ecological building materials and methods as a genuine alternative to the traditional building products. Our products combine ecology, attention to health, durability, affordability, comfort, efficiency and ease of use .

We offer different types of hemplime mixtures and custom made hemplime walls for various  applications. We also provide a number of related products which maximize the functioning of lime-hemp.

Experience the power of hemplime in renovation, a natural insulation material which is humidity regulating and sound absorbing.


We deliver custom-made, carrying and insulating panels which offer you all the benefits of hemplime and secondly, which can be mounted quickly and easily.

The Hemp in a Box prefabricated panels are the solution for those who want to build quickly and efficiently with hemplime.

  • The wooden frame, which is made with CNC steering, is the supporting structure and ensures the strength of the walls.
  • The lime-hemp mixture is placed in the wooden frame according to the indicated specifications. This results in a wind-proof, solid insulated wall. If necessary, an additional insulation is placed, as well as wait tubes or finished plating.
  • Thanks to the exceptional characteristics of lime-hemp, the wall is permeable, insulating and humidity regulating.
  • In just a few days, these panels are installed on the site by a specialized installer thereby saving on time and workforce.
  • After installation, you can immediately start with the finishing of the panels .

How do we work?

  • Based on the architectural and stability plans, our team makes detailed drawings of the entire construction project and we split up the building into panels.
  • These panels are assembled in our workshop and filled with the hemplime insulation.
  • If desired, we include wait tubes and plating for the finishing on the walls.
  • The panels are delivered on the site, where a contractor will build a complete structural work, including the insulation, in just a matter of days.


For houses, we deliver 30 cm thick standard panels, designed to meet the strictest insulation standards. To reduce the work afterwards to a minimum, we can already pre-install wait tubes and finishing plates. The inside of these panels can be finished with various vapor permeable materials and techniques. Although practically every type of outside facade is possible, we recommend to finish the exterior with a vapor permeable product (brick, plaster, wood).

HIAB-home V1

Panels made of lime-hemp and wood wool

HIAB-home V2

Panels made of dry lime-hemp


For the roof we make entire panels so that your roof can be completely realized in 1 day.


Our way of working for panels for professional applications (storage, education, leisure,..) is similar to the one that we use for HIABHOME panels. The construction and the dimensions of the panels can vary depending on the specific implementation and requirements of the architect. Do not hesitate to contact us to go through the possibilities together.

Hemplime, the basis of a healthy and comfortable house

Related products


Finished panels on a higher level

This plating is the ideal finish for your walls for both inside and outside, and vertically as well as horizontally. The Extremegreen plate, consisting of Magnesium oxide, glass fiber and recycled wood fibers guarantees zero toxic emission and has a low-energy production process (up to 50% less than similar products)

The Extremegreen plating is a high-quality alternative for plywood, OSB, plaster and cement plates.

These Magnesium oxide panels have the following advantages:

  1. Fire-resistant: The plates have been tested in the UK and have a certificate for fire resistance of 1 hour.
  2. Water resistant: The Extremely Green plates can be exposed to water for a long time without loss of structural integrity. Nevertheless, we recommend using a finishing layer on the outside.
  3. Anti-fungal
  4. Impact resistant: the panel is extremely solid and can resist a big impact without any damage
  5. High capacity: the material can be mounted directly on the plate (with screws)
  6. No emission of toxic substances (does not contain formaldehyde, fly ash,..)
  7. Pest-resistant
  8. Vapor permeable
  9. Immediate finishing on the plating (painting, plastering,…) which allows to reduce the costs with 50 % compared to other materials.

The combination of HIAB panels or HIAB Mix with Extremegreen plating makes an optimal combination for a durable insulating wall, which reduces the finishing cost to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

We deliver these panels in thicknesses of 6,9 or 12mm.

  • extreem3
  • extreemgreen1
  • extreemgreen2
  • Shells

    A layer of shells is, contrary to sand, not capillary. This means that the water is not absorbed, but that a natural barrier is formed between the groundwater and the ground floor, which prevents upward humidity. The top layer of shells is completely dry and the evaporation of groundwater is significantly reduced.

    The combination of shells and the hiabmix-floor mixture is the ideal soil structure for a stable soil layer. Both purify the climate in your home and interact, thereby generating an ideal humidity.

    The installation of shells is fast and easy. We deliver these shells in big bags or in bulk.